At Tomkins our years of experience ensures we understand the property market, the fluctuations in activity and what it takes to lease your home for the best price, whilst keeping your vacancy rate to a minimum. Our full attention is focused on our Landlords and Tenants, as your investment is our priority.

As every property is unique, so is the marketing strategy we employ for you. Your individual circumstances and the features of your property will form the basis of a personalised marketing strategy, tailored

to suit your individual requirements.

Our property management and leasing team work effectively and efficiently together to promote your home in the market place immediately. Years of fine tuning ensures that our procedures and systems are meticulously carried through, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Market Rental Appraisals

  • In arriving at our recommendation, we consider several factors:
  • Rental returns for similar properties in the area;
  • The terms and conditions required for leasing the property;
  • The level of rent that will encourage an extended tenancy – extended tenancies generally result in a better financial return on investment for the owner in the longer term; and
  • Current rental market conditions.

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